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Mark Bower

Mark was born in Sheffield and from an early age he'd always been very interested in painting and drawing. He spent most weekends walking the Peak District and developed a strong feeling for landscape, particularly the high hills and valleys and the solitude they bring. He came to live in Norfolk following many visits here and fell for its landscapes which were so different to industrial Sheffield and its surrounding moors. It remains a constant surprise to Mark that there is still a part of a rural and beautiful England which is not defined by moorland and mountain.

Mark spent much of my time visiting art galleries and decided that he wanted to paint pictures rather than look at other artists work. He found that he was particularly interested in English 20th Century paintings from after the First World War up until the turn of the century. His influences are Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer and Eric Ravilous and Christopher Wood all of whom are core influences on his paintings. More recently, Mark
has been influenced by the paintings of Ireland which are not that well known in this country, in particular Paul Henry, and the Northern Irish Painter, Gerard Dillon who has led Mark into the paintings of the traditional life in the seascapes and landscapes of Ireland and its islands in a contemporary style.

Mark started painting when he went to County Kerry in South West Ireland. He concentrated on painting the mountainous seascapes of its coastline and a little later he came across the 1960’s paintings of Gerard Dillon who, in Mark’s mind, combines the earlier and traditional paintings of Paul Henry with a contemporary vision of the Gaelic speaking and diminishing world of Gaelic Ireland . These are the paintings that are currently on show at the Pinkfoot Gallery.

Mark has worked on canvas and oil paint and more recently on board and acrylic and mixed media paint to give a matt and almost flat finish to his paintings.