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PinkfootNote Autumn 2012

Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter. Personally, this is my favourite time of the year as it means the Pink-footed Geese will be whiffling their way to us from the middle of September.

It’s not only the geese that make this time of the year special; the long shadows, the crisp autumn light and the yellow ochre and purple colours from the marsh and reedbed make Cley spectacular.

Apart from a dip during the Olympics, we’ve had a very busy summer, in fact, a very busy year. We’ve taken on some new artists and thankfully their work has been very well received, and more importantly – sold! We’d like to welcome Sally Anne Fitter, Libbi Gooch, Mark Bower and Peter Wileman. I have included more information about these artists in this newsletter.

We’d also like to welcome a new member of staff, Jody Lawrence has joined us for two days a week for the moment, but we hope to entice him for longer – yes, he is a man. So now our team is me, Sarah, George and Jody.

Our sad news is that our friend and Pinkfoot artist Geoff Harlow swla passed away this year. For those of you that didn’t know Geoff’s work, he was one of the UK’s most talented wood carving sculptor’s. His work barely touched the gallery before it was snapped up, and now sadly there will be no more. We will miss him dearly, especially his regular visits with his wife Dorothy. We’ve just heard The Society of Wildlife Artists will be holding a tribute for him at their annual exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London this November.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter and if we can help you with anything else, please feel free to contact us.

Towards deveran

High Tide by Daniel Cole (from Seeing The Light Exhibition)

New Artists

Peter Wileman PROI

We were very happy when Peter Wileman approached us. I knew who he was immediately as my Dad is an avid fan and is always showing me his work, he even has his book and cd!
We love Peter’s work, not only for his beautiful and skillful use of oil paint, but especially for his more interpretive landscape paintings. We put one the window as soon as it arrived and we’d sold it by the end of the week.
Peter has promised us some more paintings later on this year, and we’ll put them on our website as soon as the arrive.

The Amity, Brancaster Staithe
  • The Amity, Brancaster Staithe, Peter Wileman
  • 40x50cm
Sunset Over River Ouse, Peter Wileman
  • Sunset Over River Ouse, Peter Wileman
  • 70x85cm


Jane Hodgson & Rachel Lockwood

Jane Hodgson, one of our favourite local painters, submitted 3 paintings to the Mall Galleries, New Englands Art Club and has been shortlisted. We’ll let you know how she got on.
Also, Rachel Lockwood submitted 4 paintings the Society of Wildlife Artists annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London and had all four selected. The show starts on the 1st of November.

After The Fishing Comes Breakfast Jane Hodgson
  • After The Fishing Comes Breakfast Jane Hodgson
  • NYK
Sorting The Sole Nets Jane Hodgson
  • Sorting The Sole Nets Jane Hodgson
Hares In Summer Meadow, Rachel Lockwood
  • Hares In Summer Meadow, Rachel Lockwood
  • NYK

Mark Bower

Continued Success

We don’t take on many new artists, but when we saw Mark’s work, we knew we had to invite him to the gallery. Luckily it’s not just us that likes this emerging artist’s work.
After his successful debut show at Mandells Gallery, Mark recently exhibited with the Norfolk Contemporary Art Society and was delighted to find the Archant Collection bought his Happisburgh Sea Defences for their collection.
Mark has been painting in Cley and we have some brilliant new paintings on show.

Three Men In A Boat, Mark Bower
  • Three Men In A Boat, Mark Bower
  • NYK