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News | Posted on: 10 August 2018

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From a single owl perched on a fragment of found wood to a group of Goldfinches flitting through discarded rusting ironwork, Stephen manages to capture the very essence and soul of the creatures he studies.

Living on a remote part of the The Walton Backwaters in Essex, a land of salt marsh and glittering creeks, Stephen sees many of his subjects on a daily basis. In this beautifully produced book, we see the breadth of his exceptional skill in a collection of some of the artist’s favourite pieces. As well as images of sculptures, there are stunning photographs of the evocative marsh and estuarine landscape surrounding Stephen’s studio and home.
Stephen’s work has gained an impressive list of private collectors, including the Rt Hon Lord David Owen amongst others, both in the UK and overseas.

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A Life of Birds and Fish book red hare publishing stephen  henderson
  • A Life of Birds and Fish
  • softback
  • £11.95 inc. p&p
Stephen Henderson in his Studio
  • Stephen Henderson in his Studio, Landermere
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Stephen Henderson Fish sculpture
  • Stephen Henderson Fish Bits
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marsh footpath landermere stephen henderson
  • Marsh Path, Landermere
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The old Kings Head Pub, Landermere Quay
  • The old Kings Head Pub, Landermere Quay