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News | Posted on: 11 September 2017

Andrew & Amie Haslen - Father & Daughter

Andrew Haslen, SWLA needs no introduction to regular Pinkfooters, but if you’ve never heard of him, you’re in for a treat. Totally self-taught, Andrew is inspired by the landscape and wildlife that surrounds his home. A lifelong interest in nature allows him to have the required knowledge of his subject. He has been strongly motivated by the work of 20th Century wildlife artists such as R B Talbot Kelly and Eric Ennion.

The Hare plays a big role in Andrew’s work, and having first hand experience hand raising three orphaned Hares, he knows the creature well and continues to be fascinated by them.

Amie Haslen graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2013 where she studied Fine Art, specialising in Printmaking, this combined with the knowledge gained from her father makes Amie’s work incredibly appealing. Born in 1991, Amie spent her childhood surrounded by artists, with artistic parents running a local gallery. Amie’s work is inspired by landscapes, creating vibrant snapshots of rural scenes, drawn in by the striking shapes of nature.

We will be selling Andrew’s beautifully produced book by Norfolk Publishings Mascot Media at a special price of £20 throughout the exhibition.
We’ll be sending out more information about the show to our mailing list, so if you’re not on it you can either add yourself or email us and we’ll put you on.
Look forward to seeing you!

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